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Karen Wheaton is a seasoned Christian minister whose music and preaching has provoked listeners to pursue God in passionate worship for many years. Her first exposure came on the PTL Club in 1978. As a young lady of only 18, she traveled with the Spurrlows in the Festival of Praise, and by 1980 she launched her solo ministry, traveling with her own band and back-up singers, singing and preaching the gospel across the nation. Throughout the ‘80’s Karen had the privilege of serving alongside some of the great ministers of that day.

Throughout the ‘90’s Karen continued to work with other ministers, while increasingly traveling on her own as doors opened to sing and speak at various churches, prisons and women’s conferences. In 1998 the emphasis of her ministry took a surprising turn as God called her to move back to her hometown of Hamilton, Alabama and to begin working with the youth of the community.

Today, she continues to travel and minister, but her efforts are primarily focused at the Ramp where thousands gather every year to be transformed by the presence of God and equipped to win their cities. Karen has given her life for the vision and mission of awakening. Part of this includes raising up spiritual sons and daughters, weekly teaching students at RSM and continually developing young men and women into the mature believers God has called them to be.

Behind the scenes, Karen’s husband, Rick, functions as the CEO. Through his unwavering dedication and extensive administrative experience, Rick oversees the everyday operations of the Ramp. Previously working as Senior Vice President for Covenant Transport, Rick uses his business skills to direct ministry finances, RSM expansion, and future Ramp development. His focus to create an infrastructure, which is pleasing to God, continuously propels the ministry closer to the fulfillment of the vision. Rick’s commitment to see this dream become a reality inspires the Ramp staff and constantly challenges them to reach for greater achievement.

Rick and Karen are laying down their lives to see a generation awakened. Believing for revival in the nations of the earth, they are passionately pursuing the dreams of God. They are visionaries of the Ramp’s ever-expanding ministry, dreaming and giving their lives that the earth would be touched with a third great awakening.

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