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The Supernatural Now – Guillermo Maldonado

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The foundation of King Jesus International Ministry is based on God’s Word, prayer, and worship. Apostle Guillermo Maldonado received God’s calling to begin a ministry of this unimaginable size through prayer and the confirmation received from Apostle Ronald Short and other prophets and apostles whom we honor for their wisdom. Although it started with 12 people, God had already planted in his heart the vision of multitude and nations.

In June 1996, Dr. Guillermo Maldonado and his wife, Prophet Ana Maldonado, began meeting with this small group in the living room of their home; it was there that the first wheel of growth for the vision started to turn. That humble beginning testifies that God gives dreams, but for those dreams to become a reality, we must be disciplined, consistent, and perseverant.

From the beginning of their ministry, with great effort and sacrifice, Apostle Guillermo and Prophet Ana Maldonado, set all their personal plans aside and paid the price of establishing this ministry with their finances, time, home, and children. Both faithfully sought the Holy Spirit’s guidance through prayer while they cared for their home, jobs, and as they led the people in their charge to their destiny.

Air Times

Monday: 1:30pm EDT
Thursday: 10:30am EDT
Saturday: 12:30am EDT

Running Time

30 Minutes

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