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Today in Prophecy – Pastor Benny Hinn

Sid Roth - Loveworld USA

Join Pastor Benny Hinn as he examines current events in light of Biblical prophecy, bringing today’s headlines into focus through the lens of scriptural truth. You’ll learn why we’re living in the very last days before Jesus comes for His people and how you can interpret what we’ve recently experienced to better prepare for what is coming next. From politics to economics to the state of the church and events surrounding the nation of Israel, virtually every day brings new indications that our time is short and the Gospel much be delivered to the world with unprecedented urgency. Watch, learn and act to do your part to hasten the return of our Lord.

Air Times

Monday: 11:30am EDT
Wednesday: 1:30pm & 9:00pm EDT
Thursday: 7:30am EDT
Friday: 7:00pm EDT

Running Time

30 Minutes

Episodes On Demand

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