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We are told: “That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven”(Matthew 18:19). Once submitted, your  prayer request will appear on the Prayer Wall for other believers to intercede with you. You may also choose to create a private or anonymous prayer that will not be displayed.

melvyn BOWENS

I am being anointed by God and need all the prayer I can get...

I trust this request will be answered that all demonic dark angelic beings and

and witchcraft will be removed from my body and household...

I pray for healing in my body for every part of it... I pray for my feet

and hands and back and belly and chest and heart... these places I feel great movement

and pray that you pray the areas and prayers are answered

Please pray for my friend charles.... and also pray concerning the thins I have

written in my other prayers that I have sent in... Pray that those prayers are lifted again

thank you so much

please pray for these people concerning deliverance and healing....

Against witchcraft and demonic oppression.....

Im being anointed right now so please pray for me as well, it is not

an easy process for me so I need as much prayer as I can get... And

please pray about my knelt prayer.... And against the darkness I face at home...

Here are the names to pray for and their families.... Jim, Jason, Jay, Caroline

and Ginger... My family, Joeann Bowens my mother

who needs to be baptized, she has come a long way in trusting the Lord but need to

go to church with me... My sister Jaymie who suffers greatly mentally and has not

spoken to the family in about 15 years she used to study the bible but has fallen astray....

Vicky my other sister and my nephew Turon who both need to go to church and walk closer

to the Lord.... and my Pastor who has a sickness in his body that causes Him to build up

in water that affects His heart. He need to stick with His diet, his name is

Pastor Glenn Chapple.....

Received: January 3, 2020

melvyn BOWENS

Please pray for me... I was attacked by witchcraft and demonic forces which forced me to

my basement for days with no sleep.... Please pray for my eyes in which they attacked,

at first I could not even look into the mirror and I had to be hospitalized because I was

out of my mind... They also attacked my belly and throat and tongue and feet.... They have

also attacked my room and bed in which I have not slept in in months because when I layed

on it I would get attacked.... They also attacked my mind and ears in which at times I would

hear voices saying the worst things about me and my family.... Please pray for my mother in

which they attacked as well... They have also attacked my knelt prayer... I knell at church

but have not knelt at home because I would get attacked... At first I could barley swallow...

I know this sounds strange but I trust the words that I have submitted here will be taken

seriously... Thank you people so much i love the Lord God and I appreciate so much this

service in prayer request.. May God bless you so much for your prayers.....

Received: January 3, 2020

melvyn BOWENS

Please pray for me... I am being anointed ann sometimes my belly is tight.... I have dark

creatures that im fighting with daily.. I know this sounds strange but its true.... The fire

comes to my belly and hands and feet and i can feel a battle happening around me... Please

pray over my knelt prayers... Please pray that I can have good knelt prayer at home because

its difficult... I love church but I need a healthy prayer closet at home... I get attacked

and its been harder to pray at home on my knees.... Please pray that I take God more serious

concerning obedience and things i need to do and things I do not and please pray for wisdom

faith and knowledge.... Please pray for my family members.. My mother Joeann, sisters Jaymie

and Vicky and nephew Turon... They all need to be saved... Please pray that i am able to pray

for the right things concerning them.... Please pray about my eating habits that they are a

good diet... Please pray about me fasting... I know i need to but if I start I want to finish...

Please pray for me dealing with other that i can listen to authority and remain humble and that

i become more seasoned... Please pray that I look at others through the eyes of Jesus.....

Please pray for my home that it is cleared of witchcraft and demonic activity and that it

become a safe place and filled with the Holy Spirit... I am a bit sick right now so please

pray that my body recovers well.... Please pray against demonic voices that I can hear at

times... Please pray that i can hear the voice of God clearer.. thank you people so much im

desperate and trust this ministries prayer works....

Received: January 3, 2020

melvyn BOWENS

Please pray about the voices i hear at times... They are very negative... I go to church I

have been saved and baptized... I struggle with mental disturbances that I see a doctor for

.... I can feel the presence of God and things have gotten better since i returned back to

church but it seems to be a challenge... Please pray these enemies are defeated... there

have been many prophecies over my life and I do have a calling but I need help in prayer

with those of great faith.... Please take to heart my prayer request because im desperate.....

My home has been attacked by these beings and even my room and basement... I have not laid

on my own bed in months because of this battle... But everything is improving but getting

more intense so please pray for my prayer closet and knelt prayers at home... I was attacked

grossly by this and hospitalized not too long ago.... I trust who ever is reading this request

will help me.... Thank you so much and may God bless you for all you do...

Received: January 3, 2020

melvyn BOWENS

please pray for me... Witchcraft has attacked me .... I need to be

delivered from this evil... Some are people and others are demonic curses... Please pray that

I am not deceived by false spirits but lean to hear the voice of God instead of these entities...

This is very serious so please help me.... I love the Lord and trust that this prayer request will help me... Please

pray over the words I use in prayer and they mean what I intend for them to mean and that they are not

twisted to mean something else... Please pray for my family as they have been attacked as well....

Pray for my mother Joeann bowens... She need to be saved and baptized to be free from the demonic

influence... Please pray that our pet is not used against us..... My house was even attacked as

I felt certain areas were very cold and dark full of demonic voices... I have been called and have

a calling but this stage is not easy at times... at time ist hard but I trust in time I will be

free Thank you people so very much....

Received: January 3, 2020

melvyn BOWENS

Please pray over my tongue words that i use and my bed... My tongue has moved about on its own and i pray

that Jesus Christ Will IS DONE WITH IT... AND THE WILL OF His Father.... Pray that

Gods purpose for me is soon and that im forgiven of my sins... I need allot of

forgiveness and to be for given... Pray over my home as it has suffered great

darkness... Please pray for my mother as she has been affected and her name is

Joe Ann Bowens... Pray that my tongue is delivered and free from what im experiencing....

pray that my bed becomes free of all demonic influence and witchcraft and my eyes as well....

pray trhyat any darkness between me and my friend Jim is defeated.... thank you

Please pray for my tongue throat and chest I have burning sensation there... And please pray for me

that I recieve forgiveness and am forgiven for my sins thank you so very much...

Please pray for my mind and against the evil voices that try to torment me... I am a baptized christian

and love God but I need forgiveness and to be delivered from warfare and mental challenges... I am fasting

so please pray for my chest and throat and belly and my feet as they hurt at times... Please pray for my

bed room and my house and home and for my mother and that it is a peaceful environment.... I know this

sounds strange but im also being anointed during all of this and it is challenging for me at times....

Please pray that Gods WILL is done with me and that I can hear His voice clearly again.... And pray for

my sleep and bedside and my back as well... Thank you so very much for praying for my even if you will

do it several times a week as im desperate to be delivered... God Bless you so very much for taking my

desperate plea seriously....

Received: January 3, 2020

melvyn BOWENS

Please pray for my mother Joe ann bowens as she needs to be baptized soon she is up in age and that she

soon starts going to church with my... Please pray for my sister Vicky her Job just moved her and pray

that God will is done for her better in Jesus names... and for my friend Jim that he is completely restored

spiritually for praying for that many things he does... Pray for his foot which he broke earlier this years...

And please pray for me as im going through some kind of spiritual transformation... Please pray for my private

parts, my back, my mind my brain my hands my stomach and my feet and my throat these things need so much prayer

and please plead that blood of Jesus over my body and family thank you so very much and may god bless you for praying...

Received: January 3, 2020

melvyn BOWENS

Please pray for me... Pray that when I watch Benny Hinn I can feel the spirit of God without being attacked by evil

forces.... That I am forgiven for anything in the way and that the Holy spirit flows freely when I watch Benny Hinn's

programs... Please pray that my room is washed in the Blood and my bed and closet... Also my mind and heart and eyes

be washed in the Blood of Jesus... And please pray for my feet as i can feel movement and discomfort many times...

Please pray for my house and home be washed in the blood of Jesus... Thank you so very much this is sos very serious

to me.. God bless you for taking my prayer request seriously...

Received: January 3, 2020

melvyn BOWENS

Please pray for these people... Jinger and Jason the parents and Jason Jr and Caroline.... The two children have autism..

the two parents are always fighting... They all need to be baptised and saved... Please pray against the evil forces in

their live and witchcraft that is there/// They are my best friend Jims children and grandchildren.... The darkness is

so heavy the parents wont listen to Jim about church,,, Please pray against strongholds and generational curses and for

their minds and hearts and spirits and souls,,, this situation is so very serious and desperate right now... Thank you so

very much and may God bless you for your prayers and taking this request seriously....

Please pray for the people that pray for me.... My good friend Jim, my pastors and people that pray for me over the phone

that they are anointed and filled with the words and spirit God wants them too be... Please pray that they are replenished..

Thank you so very much.. Please pray for my mother Joe ann Bowens for her soul and that she comes to church very soon with

me as she has become more interested lately.... Please pray against the strongholds in her life and any demonic influences

in her bloodline or past and even present.. That Gods will is done with her and that she is completely delivered and filled

with the Holy Spirit.....

I am being anointed right now and it is not the easiest process at times.. Please pray for my back, chest, tongue, throat,

head, shoulders, legs and feet and belly and mid section areas... Please pray that my physical body and spiritual body are

alined with Gods will.. Please plead the blood of Jesus all over my body, my family, my household, my home and my mother

Joe ann bowens.. Please pray for my mother with the blood of Jesus as this process can be challenging for her too as well....

thank you so very much....

Received: January 3, 2020

melvyn BOWENS

Please pray over my pineal gland... Please plead the blood of Jesus over it... Please pray that Gods will is done with

it and the rest of my brain thank you so very much... Pray that all strongholds are broken and generational curses

defeated in Jesus name... And that all demonic ties to all pass sins and darkness is defeated... Please pray against

all witchcraft and any demonic right that all of it is broken in my life.... Please pray over my feet and legs and

private areas that all all tension and stronghold\s are broken in and around my belly and insides.... Pleasee plead

the blood of Jesus over all of this and this prayer request... Thank you...

Received: January 3, 2020

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