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We are told: “That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven”(Matthew 18:19). Once submitted, your  prayer request will appear on the Prayer Wall for other believers to intercede with you. You may also choose to create a private or anonymous prayer that will not be displayed.

Gloria Deloney

Will you join your faith with our in believing God for wisdom and guidance where to sow the tithes, and for clarification as to whether we are “ commanded” to tithe under grace or New Testament or not, and whether it depends on how leadership are treating you with love or as an outsider to be trusted with God’s tithes? WHAT DOES GODS WORD HAS TO SAY ABOUT SUCH SITUATIONS.? Thank you for your prayers of agreement for clarity, we are taught to be pacific when requesting prayer.

Received: March 7, 2020


For Colin. He has been arrested so many times and is on corrections for 6.5 more months. He is clean after 15 years. Doing awesome. He got a speeding ticket 3 weeks ago and he didn’t report it within 24 hours. They made him do a 4 day sanction and the stress of it caused him to relapse. County Atty. Wants him to go to prison for 5 years over relapse. He is an evil man and plans his day on how to destroy others. He has no compassion. I need prayer to forgive him for hurting our family so badly, while not protecting us from people who actually stole from us. Colin needs his system cleaned out immediately bc dab marijuana can stay for 90 days and he is still dirty. He has reenrolled in outpatient and goes to meetings. He has a job, a new girl friend, a new to him vehicle to get to and from work and he gets to see his daughter now. He is also to be his brothers best man August 1. Please don’t let anything take that from my boys. Pray he gets off corrections without anymore incidents and will give God all the glory.

Received: March 6, 2020

Karen Etheridge

I need prayer for heart and kidneys.

Received: March 6, 2020


Please pray for my health, healing from high bloodpressure and congestive heart failure; also please pray against witchcraft attacks. Also, please pray for my finances, and for my home to be protected from foreclosure, and pray against the spirit of poverty coming against myself and my husband. Also, please pray for my husband's prostate that it will be healed and the swollenness be removed. May God bless you richly at LoveWorld . LoveWorld is blessed!!! Thank you for your prayers. May God bless Pastor Chris, Pastor Benny, and all at LoveWorld.

Received: March 6, 2020


Oksana has a surgery today

new prayer PLEASE

still i ask Jesus to heal oksana , a widow in kiev, ukraine (she can t work)

and help nastia -her daughter student_to live a decent life with more christian friends and be luckier.

also ,ioulia the christian grand-mother poor.

as for me that God shows me what to do to succeed in my life and bless my family

thanks a lot for your former PRAYERS

ludovic sarraz-bournet, france

Received: March 6, 2020


Me and my fiance we have just lost our baby in a miscarriage and now we are both facing terrible witchcraft attacks in our sleep both of us and that is very worrying and strange. Please agree and pray for us that God will contend with every evil rising and coming against us and our relationship. Pray as well that God will grant us peace and comfort and also most importantly that we will never have to endure the pain and disappointment of miscarriage.

My fiance is still in pain and please pray for a speedy and healthy recovery both emotionally and physically in her every part of her reproductive system and every organ of her being from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. We are also preparing for marriage please pray for us for doors of financial breakthrough and provision from God so our marriage can become a reality.

Thank you so much in advance.

Received: March 6, 2020

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.


Good Day,

I would like to ask your team to pray for my Dad-in-law Bob for a good health, favours and blessings. He currently faces a lot of problems and it's weighing him down leading to depressions that affects his health. Let's pray for peace of mind, comfort and that he may entrust everything to God. That in this season, he may encounter the Lord and His favor and grace. Also, good health for my Mom-in-law Marina, protection and peace. For my brother-in-law Nico, salvation and freedom from any bondages. Lastly, protection from any diseases and harm for all the family members as well as God's provision, blessings and grace. Thank you so much and we appreciate your prayer team in praying with us.

Received: March 5, 2020

Cee Simpson

Lord Jesus You said those who reproach me shall come to ruin. Those who are treacherous against me shall be exposed and destroyed. Those who backstab me will be given a chance to repent and if they refuse, they will be taken suddenly. I call upon You to answer me according to Psalms 55:12-19 and fight for me. Redeem my soul in peace from  Satans battle to turn my mother Mary against me afflicting Tyra Shea according to Prov 107:17 in Jesus Name, Amen!

Received: March 5, 2020


Hello I am asking that you keep me in prayer I think I have Crohn's Disease or something like it so if you would keep me in prayer I

would be great full . Also Tinnitus.

Would you please send me your address so I can send a seed. God bless you

Received: March 5, 2020

Christa Crump

Please pray to stop foreclosure on my home date for auction is March 19 and we need a miracle to save the house. Also prayer for hearing on March 27 to get disability and everything owed to me financially.Thank you

Received: March 5, 2020

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