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Please pray for the fear to go the guy underneath me broke in once again this time after all my hard working cleaning and painting during this lock down and chiseled a piece of my never cut just painted counter top !!! 3 weeks ago with Primer and 2 coats of white .

He got in because he has hacked 2 cells and reads my texts emails and my photos etc...

He has stolen my things and money watching me through my cameras .

I got rid of them.

I live on a budget of $780.00 a month 64 year old white female he is in his 40's lives with his mother.

She allows This behavior!

Last year he growled at me at the elevator.

He has destroyed my car from tires to batteries.

I found Pastor Benny again in January and you Pastor Chris who I have learned so much of the Bible from.

I had been really sick and searched the Internet.The Lord healed me me then the Covid Fiasco came and lock down my apt is 45 years old needed work bad well God encouraged me to get going and listening and praying and fasting and tithing

I was feeling very excellent esp. when the Nurse from Nigeria and other Drs,came on telling the Truth about the remedy and Our President Trump was taking it. I know the TRUTH and i know who I am (SINAGE!!!) anyway that's when i left to get cat food the morning 9 a.m. and he came in that hour I was gone he is a burgular I have had so many locks changed the last one the locksmith stole!!! He hates my music of course and is trying to drive me crazy.

My parents have passed and I am alone.

I am not going to let him drive me out!!! He is diabetic, drug,addict alcoholic and the like and this is my apartment I have the right to worship!!! He has an anti Christ spirit and I do not want him to kill any of my cats!!!

I pray the Lord removes him permanently.He smokes so I can not use my patio I am on 4th floor they are underneath me.

His mother told me all about him screaming from the balcony years ago but since he is not stealing from her she does not care. I have fought for 6 years to get a ligitamate Board of Directors have been threatened with Foreclosure for $188.00 in 2014! I own my apt. free and clear .

They overdosed my Dad with morphine in 2015,my best girlfriend in 2017.

My only son Angelino just turned 30 who was a virgin and born again until 23 is living in Miami with a practicing witch and has little to do with me.

I keep praying in Tongues that is why Devil is mad.

Please pray for me . Thank you. Cannot figure out why he cut out a chunk in my formica cabinet I do not want him in here no one comes here it is my Sanctuary for For God.

I covered it but, I still feel uneasy about it. I have to go out I cannot be a prisoner again!!!

Thank You waiting for our next phase love to you all and THANK YOU!!!

God has blessed me when I found you all.


Susan Jan Varca

Received: August 6, 2020

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