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Loveworld USA, launched in July 2017, and provides programming unlike any other Christian TV network. Loveworld USA showcases the tangible, miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit, anointed teachings from your favorite Spirit-filled leaders, news from a believer’s perspective and so much more.

His Word MUST be preached. Your gift will help us reach more souls, provide original & unique content and spiritual nourishment for your brothers and sisters in Christ.

We recently expanded our reach into 50 additional cities, but we can do so much more. In the last few weeks many doors have opened but we cannot move forward without your generosity. The Gospel is free for everyone, but getting it to the masses is very expensive. Help us say YES! Donate now

Tuesday – November 7

Wednesday – November 8

Thursday – November 9

Friday – November 10

What others are saying…

AWEEEESOOOMMMEEE Thank you Pastor Chris, Thank you Pastor Benny, we are networking the world with the Gospel of Christ. Love you Sirs

D. Nyarko, Viewer

I really Love this new network. It’s so powerful, entertaining, and I learn something new about the Word every day. Thank so much for launching this new network.

A. Ohya, Viewer

LORD i thank you for reaching us. Here we are now reaching others with your saving words in all platform and formats.. Amen

S. Sawadogo, Viewer

This program has been life-changing. Anointed Ministry and the voice of the Spirit is audible…

Anonymous, Viewer

“Wow wow wow, I want to shout…”

P. Davis, Viewer

I love this for sure

S. Christopher, Viewer